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We are committed to making innovative and beneficial products for the drumming community. We are drummer's making the best products we can to fulfill the needs of every drummer and to make drumming more enjoyable and comfortable.


Grip Peddler Models

FunkBump MultiGridlock

Arch/Leverage Bar on the "Sweet Spot" of the pedal, enhancing the feel of the pedal and providing more control. The FunkBump is located near the upper end of the footboard, where the ball of your foot rests on the pedal. This pad provides an extremely comfortable surface to rest your foot on and offers tremendous support. It keeps your foot in the pocket. Enhances performance and makes a big difference in your playing. Allows player to have more control of the pedal and is a good teaching tool in locating the optimum balance point in the pedal.

Patent # 6,710,237
FunkBump SoleSmooth

Arch/Leverage Bar on the "Sweet Spot" of the pedal, enhancing the feel of the pedal and providing more control. The FunkBump is located near the upper end of the footboard, where the ball of your foot rests on the pedal. The pad is the same as the FunkBump MultiGridlock, but it is a smooth surface.

Patent # 6,710,237

Grip Peddler Hi-Hat and Bass Drum pedal pads. The MultiGridlock traction is a durable polurethane pad with multiple squares stacked on top of each other. The MultiGridlock provides the most traction and also offers the most support. The stacked squares provide extra padding and support when laying into the pedal. The squares help offset the shock and the vibration that is created when the pedal beater comes in contact with the bass drum head. Although the MuliGridlock provides the most traction, the grid is not restricting. Drummers can still slide their foot on the pedal. The drummer’s foot pressure determines the amount of Grip that the pad provides. If you are light on your foot and like to slide, the Grip Peddler MultiGridlock pads will allow you to move freely.


Grip Peddler SoleSmooth Hi-Hat and Bass Drum pedal pads provide drummers with the same cushion and support as the MultiGridlock, however, they are made without the squares for the drummers that like to slide their feet.

Keep it in the pocket

Some of Grip Peddler’s Endorsers and active users include:

David Abbruzzese, Kent Aberle, Charlie Adams, Eric Adams,
Tim Alexander, Kenny Aronoff, Carter Beauford, Caleb Bierstedt,
Ryan Black, Bob Bloom,

Ronald Bruno, Jr., Frank Bua,

Danny Carey, Mario Calire,

Dennis Chambers, Steve Clark, Larry Crockett, Dave Culross, Shawn Drover, Peter Erskine,

Julio Figueroa, Nathan Followill, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Evelyn Glennie, Omar Hakim, Taylor Hawkins, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Billy "Thunder" Mason,
Harvey Mason, Aldo Mazza, George "Spanky" McCurdy, Russ Miller,
John Molo, Nigel Olsson, John Otto, Jose Pasillas, Shawn Pelton, Stephen Perkins, Doane Perry, Roxy Petrucci, Johnny Rabb, Walfredo Reyes, Sr., Rikki Rockett, Patty Schemel, Gina Schock, Gil Sharone, Chad Sexton, David Silveria, Greg Upchurch, Tim Waterson,
Paul Wertico, Steve White, Jon Wysocki, Zoro

"Grip Peddler helps my feet be more connected to the bass drum and hi-hat pedals...Whether your barefoot, in dress shoes, or sneakers, Grip Peddler increases your comfort while you play day after day and into the night."
– Kenny Aronoff

"A clever and unique addition to the drum accessory world. I use the Grip Peddler on my Yamaha pedals, and I really like the way that they feel. In this day and age, anything that increases the "comfort zone" is much appreciated."

– Peter Erskine

"The cushioning and sweat absorbing qualities of Grip Peddler make it a must for barefoot players."

– Danny Carey, Tool


– Peter Tornell

“This product is a great invention. I find it keeps my foot from sliding and takes away the shock from the metal footboard when I’m laying into my bass drum. The Grip Peddler does not take away from the balance point “sweet spot” of the pedal.”
– Dennis Chambers

“These pedal pads rock supreme!”

– Chad Sexton, 311

“Increased playing endurance and improved accuracy while saving my feet.”
– John Molo, Phil Lesh & Friends, Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum, Bruce Hornsby, ModeReko, The Other Ones

"The Grip Peddler really does work and gives extra comfort, security and grip to all pedal work. I have enjoyed the reliability of this product and with constant use, the grip is still secure and my feet are still dancing!"

– Evelyn Glennie

“I used skateboard grip tape on my pedals for years, but now I am using Grip Peddler. It doesn’t even compare! Grip Peddler keeps my feet in place and helps with my execution. It makes playing drums a lot more comfortable and enjoyable!”
– Tim “Herb” Alexander

“Grip Peddler helps you execute your shorter note values – 8ths, 16ths, 32ths, 64ths – and improves the feel of the pedal.”
– Richie Gajate-Garcia, Phil Collins

"Who would believe that something so simple could make such a big difference. The Grip Peddler is definitely one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" innovations!"
– Paul Wertico

"The Grip Peddlers definitely added more control and comfort allowing me to play hard night after night. They truly allow you to customize your pedals to the feel you want."

– Kent Aberle

“The Grip Peddler’s anti-slip features help me to achieve true dynamic control and better sensitivity with my feet.”

– Aldo Mazza

"I was thinking my foot was on fire tonight, but when I was hanging backstage after the show, my drum tech told me that he had put a Grip Peddler on my pedal. My ego was blown, I thought I was pulling off all the little ghost notes on my own. Now I can't imagine not having it and use Grip Peddler every night!"
- Steve Clark, Memento

“One of the most useful innovations that I have seen in a long time. It gives me one less thing to worry about when I play. Now I don’t have to wear dorky shoes to get good traction. A wise and inexpensive investment with a large return. In today’s world it is called a bargain!”
– Zoro, Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, The New Edition, Jody Watley, Vanessa Paradis, Philip Bailey

“Grip Peddler gives an added degree of control over your foot pedals and does exactly what it says it will do. It allows your feet to effortlessly grip the footboard, maintain their position and stay relaxed, no matter what sort of footwear you use. Very useful!"
– Doane Perry, Jethro Tull

“I increased my speed from 20 to 24 bps using Grip Peddler (1200 to 1454)Bpm. Grip Peddler shock absorbers for the feet that give you more control no matter what style or speed you are playing, and they work great for All types of footwear..”
– Tim “Drumcanman” Waterson, “Worlds Fastest Feet”

"The Grip Peddler really improves the feel of my pedal, why didn't I think of this? It eliminates most pedal noise, resulting in a quieter recording."

– Harvey Mason, Fourplay

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